Leider abgesagt! Internationale Animationskunst (4): Maureen Selwood zu Gast

Still aus "Masked Couple" von Maureen Selwood

Auf Einladung von Prof. Isabel Herguera kommt die Filmemacherin und Künstlerin Maureen Selwood an die KHM. In einem öffentlichen Filmabend präsentiert die CalArts-Professorin ihre Animationskunst zwischen Zeichnung, Performance und Installation.

Donnerstag, 25. April 2019, 19 Uhr
Aula der KHM
Filzengraben 2, 50676 Köln, Eintritt frei
​​​​​​​Moderation: Isabel Herguera, Professorin für Künstlerische Animation

Auf Einladung von Prof. Isabel Herguera ist die Künstlerin und Filmemacherin Maureen Selwood zu Gast an der KHM. Der Filmabend zeigt eine Auswahl ihrer Animationskunst, preisgekrönte Werke experimenteller Animation zwischen Zeichnung, Performance und Installation. Maureen Selwood ist Professorin für Animation am California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). Als erste Künstlerin hat sie den Rome Prize in Visual Arts der American Academy in Rome für ihre interdisziplinäre Arbeit im Bereich Animation erhalten.

Das Programm

a half-formed girl

Flying Circus: An Imagined Memoir (1995) 35 mm, 11 min.

This film inspired by the opera by Picasso, Satie and Cocteau explores memoir where color determines mood. The animation illustrates the tensions of balance and imbalance where a circus tent is excavated like a grave revealing its secrets.

cars, sex, love

Hail Mary (1998) 3.5 min.

Returning to simple black ink drawings on white bond, a piece of writing captures a brief romance becoming the catalyst for animating icons that swiftly tell a tale of love and loss.

Godard, Fellini, Anyone Can Draw!

Mistaken Identity (2001) excerpt

Mistaken Identity, a deconstruction of Robert Aldrich’s Kiss Me Deadly (1955), visits the forgotten characters and deserted landscapes from film noir. Los Angeles with its broken steps, an ocean pier at night, embracing expressways overlaid with drawn animation, create a commentary on the artifice of cinema and memory. Selwood re-imagines Aldrich’s character of Velda to create a personal meditation on romantic myth and self deception.

Niagara Falls. . . machines, falling

A Modern Convenience (2012) 5:49 min.

The domestic sphere of laundry becomes the landscape of this story as an obsolescent wringer washing device, makes its way into a woman’s house. Against the backdrop of Niagara Falls, a form of water and power assumes power over her life. The embedded images with limited movement add to a meditation on life lived in the 1950's.

decoding the cover

As You Desire Me (2009) installation

As You Desire Me marries live footage and drawing and moves away from a direct figurative style. The title was inspired by Pirandello and suggests the mutability of identity and the fragmentation of time where people are displaced. Three screens illustrate a specific moment where chaos is about to happen as war is declared.

gender, hallucinations, transparency

29 Cross Examinations (2015) documentation

29 Cross Examinations, with physical movement, performance and animation, probes the connections between religious fervor and sexual identity, and plays with the bizarre intimacy of the interrogation relationship. Through the actual text of the trial of Joan of Arc during the inquisition in France in 1431, we meet the real Joan – yet, as Joan herself says, “One does not allow the whole truth to be told.”

interior truths, resistance, protest

Sounding the Note of A (2015) images and text

Sounding the Note of A explores gestures of resistance from women throughout history and celebrates women’s strength in outrage and defiance with transfer prints and knitted sculptures. Inspired by the medieval trial of Joan of Arc, the treason of anti-Nazi activist Sophie Scholl, and the contemporary punk prayer of Pussy Riot, results in uncompromising abstract portraits. Selwood extols the power of sensuality and thought to transcend violence.

Editor — Ute Dilger
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