Franziska Windisch: Encounters #06 / Chora

April 25 - May 5 2019, Q-O2 Brussels

5.5.2019, 14:00-17:00
La Fonderie Molenbeek
Brüssel (Belgien)

The sound performance "Encounters #06 / Chora" will be presented at Oscillation Festival, Brussels, as part of an ongoing experimental series, that circles around the question of how acoustic, spatial and temporal structures of a work define the interaction between the members
of the audience and how these structures can be used as a material to compose spheres in which collective thinking processes and listening experiences are initiated. The sixth edition focuses on the choir as a polyphonic body, as a form of listening, speaking and moving together.

Oscillation is a project and festival circling around various aspects of the nature of sound, with a special curiosity about its capacity for creating and sharing space, its propensity to occupy the zones in between spaces, positions, events, discourses, etc: a betweening space.
Sound travels, hops borders, passes through walls. It is endlessly participative in that we share it all the time, often unwittingly. It entangles itself in the necessarily messy gaps between us. Sound offers a framework for thinking the in-between as a space that not only needs
boundaries in order to exist (what is a space without limits to define it?), but whose very presence both creates and parodies the fixities of those boundaries. A discourse of inbetween-ness cannot be fixed but is always made up of a great many tentative constructions and holdings in

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