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Public space video in Cologne Central Station

What's up with public space in times of pandemic? Seven Students of KHM Cologne present their work on the large screen in the entrance hall.

Vom 15. bis 25. Februar 2021
Eingangshalle Kölner Hauptbahnhof

While museums and galleries have to remain closed, these young artists dare to venture outside and inject their videos into the stream of advertising and infotainment. The seven works were all specifically developed for the 21 square meter advertising screen, and will become part of everyday life.

What they all have in common is that they raise an urgent concern. Kihuun Park's "asian face" addresses his experience of racism in times of Corona and places great value on being clearly understood. Similarly outspoken, Naoto Hieda suggests thinking beyond binary gender or autism dichotomies. Caterina Ruzzante and Bidisha Das work more visually to articulate their ecological and social concerns. Jey Yoo and Julia Vergazova address ubiquitous disciplinary and surveillance measures, which are less critically scrutinized in in face of the pandemic. Finally, Jeesoo Hong appropriates a conventional stylistic device of advertising to attract attention and to make physical closeness and intimacy visible again.

Developed in the context of the seminar  "Ctrl-Space live“  by Christian Sievers at KHM Cologne.

With the kind support of Ströer.

Artists and their videos:

Bidisha Das, Stationed

Naoto Hieda, #spektrum

Jeesoo Hong, The Bead

Kihuun Park, asianface

Caterina Ruzzante, Fensterwerfen

Julia Vergazova and Nikolya Ulyanov, Caption Poetry

Jey Yoo, And the other pale

Editor — Juliane Kuhn
The videos
  • 00:10
    Bidisha Das, Stationed
  • Naoto Hieda, #spektrum
  • Jeesoo Hong, The Bead
  • 00:10
    Kihuun Park, asian face (english)
  • 00:10
    Caterina Ruzzante, Fensterwerfen
  • 00:10
    Julia Vergazova and Nikolya Ulyanov, Caption Poetry 1
  • 00:10
    Jey Yoo: and the other pale
  • 00:11
    Kihuun Park, corona (english)
  • 00:10
    ctrl-space live: Hauptbahnhof Köln - announcement
  • 00:10
    Kihuun Park, dont judge
  • 00:10
    Kihuun Park, asian face (german)
  • 00:10
    Kihuun Park, corona (german)
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