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  • Kai Welf Hoyme
Subtitle: Eine 5-Kanal-Filminstallation
Year: 2008
Length: 00:00:25
Categories: Installation, video installation
On the one hand I was interested in the conflict of the photographic and cinematic image, on the other hand the question in which form mental conditions become visible by subtle body language is the focus of my interest. The actors take a certain body attitude and facial expression. Which is based on a specific thought or a feeling, which they thought of themselves before. They try to express this certain moment and solidify like a photo. The 16 mm camera travelled slowly from left to right in each case. The image size, perspective, lighting, the music and the set remain constant thereby. The image length is partially variable. The takes are shown in form of a 5 channel installation as a digital projection.
Konzept und Regie: Kai Welf Hoyme
Darsteller: Alexandra Stern, Esther Fischer, Maren Mildner, Timo Rüggeberg, Rikisaburo Sato
DOP: Sebastian Woithe
Postproduktion: Kai Welf Hoyme
Musik: Kai Welf Hoyme
Regie Assistenz: Alwin Lay
Kamera Assistenz: Luise Schröder
Licht: Sebastian Woithe
Catering: Riki
Produktion: KHM Köln
Prof. Heide Hagebölling
  • Kai Welf Hoyme
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