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Island Story

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  • Alisa Berger
Year: 2014
Length: 00:06:20
Categories: Film / TV / Video, Video Art, experimental film, experimental film
Jaqueline Valencia - ""I know nothing about the filmmaker, but with a short film as odd and strangely poignant as this one, the mystery makes it all the better. The blindingly and like a Martian horizon, the sun plays with the viewer’s stability. A narrator gives the account of a strange tale of a couple on a transformative journey into a world of paradise with no language. Animalistic gesticulations and instinctive expression emanate from the body until both of them grow apart and then into other versions of themselves, never to be the same again. A grainy vintage-like feel permeates the alien world and mixes in with the mixtures with the assumed real world.""
Idee und Realisation: Alisa Berger
Mitarbeit: Ron Hofmann
  • Alisa Berger
A production of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne.
Archiv Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln
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Cover image of the project Island Story
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