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Everything Reflects Itself

  • Dora Tomic
Subtitle: Antiposters
Year: 2016
Categories: Painting / Drawing, graphics
""Everything Reflects Itself"" is a series of 140 Antiposters; in focus are newspaper clippings extracted from articles that report exclusively on banal issues which are collaged and placed in a new context. This results in a subtle commentary on various social issues that receive absolutely no public recognition in those very same newspapers. The intention was to create a new situation by combining them with new expressionistic elements that have been digitally reworked and then published again in a form of Antiposters. In the all-encompassing abundance of commercial propaganda that culminated especially with the birth of social networks, which contain advertisements and subliminal messages of all kinds, it is easy to forget the fact that this very same media can be used for opposite purposes - to fight against capitalist propaganda, instead serving a particular need and higher good by subliminally raising public awareness.
Konzept und Realisation: Dora Tomic
Prof. Mischa Kuball
  • Dora Tomic
A production of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne.
Archiv Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln
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