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Animated Film on Tour 2019: KHM beim EMAF

Prof. Isabel Herguera, Leiterin des Animationsstudio der KHM, präsentiert Animationsfilme von Studierenden der KHM beim European Media Art Festival 2019 in Osnabrück.

24. bis 28. April 2019
European Media Art Festival 2019
Media Campus INIT Experience
Haus Heger Straße 29/30, Osnabrück

Im Rahmen des European Media Art Festival # 32 präsentiert Prof. Isabel Herguera eine Auswahl von Animationsfilmen von Studierenden der Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln der letzten Jahre.
Die ausgewählten Animationsfilme wurden bei Festivals wie den Internationalen Kurzfilmtagen Oberhausen, dem Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival in Bristol, dem Internationalen Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm, dem Animafest in Zagreb uraufgeführt und haben zahlreiche Preise gewonnen. So erhielt „Ayny“ von Ahmad Saleh den Student Academy Award 2016 als bester Animationsfilm und „Summer Story“ von Yana Ugrekhelidze war Semi-Finalisten bei den Student Awards 2017.

Als Plattform aufstrebender Nachwuchskünstler/innen zeigt der EMAF Media Campus INIT an vier verschiedenen Film- und Ausstellungsorten aktuelle Arbeiten, die ein weites Feld künstlerischer Positionen abdecken und diese in Bezug zueinander stellen. Ob klangbildende Objekte, visuelle Werke oder Videokunst: Die Arbeiten erweitern und ergänzen den medialen Raum und laden ein zum Dialog zwischen Besucher/innen und Installationen.

Animated Film On Tour 2019

A selection of animated films by students 
of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne,
presented by Prof. Isabel Herguera
 and Tania de León Yong of the animation faculty
Beijing, China | March 30th – April 5th 2019 | CAFA Central Academy of Fine Arts 
Osnabrück, Germany | April 24th – April 28th 2019 | EMAF European Media Arts Festival
Ciudad de México, México | September 20th 2019 | UNAM Universidad Autónoma de México
Vijayawada, India | November 19th 2019 | NID National Institute of Design, India

“Animation is a medium subject to the rules of technology, which has its own unique aesthetics that are often invented by the author. The physical and biological laws in this abstract universe are sometimes in conflict with those in our world and only exist here as fantasy. Like other art forms, animated film satisfies our human desire for narrative and for beauty. This series of films contains the aesthetic and technical seeds of a present looking to the future and observing a turbulent yet treasured world.” (Isabel Herguera, Professor for Animation at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne)


Ayny by Ahmad Saleh, 2016, 11 min
Two young boys leave the protection of their mother’s shawl and expose themselves to the dangers of war in order to play the instrument they have always dreamed of.

Mirror by Anna Lytton, 2016, 5 min
To touch and be touched, to reveal and conceal. Pencil lines exploring skin, an inner world made visible on the body’s outer layer. Movements and gestures become manifestations of the relationship between the body and my drawings.

678 by Eun Jin Park, 2017, 8 min
There are 21 blocks. Here we meet 6,7 and 8. 6 is stressed and depressed. 7 brings luck and is unlucky. And 8 is fulsome and foolish. They live an absurd everyday life.

The Wave by Sae Yun Jung, 2017, 14 min
In Korea, a monster wave is one that has travelled a long distance with immense power. They are not very high, so are hard to distinguish from any other wave. They only reveal their lethal power when they meet an obstacle, such as a groyne, and can rear up to reach the size of a hill. Accidents occasionally happen along the long coastline of the country. This film is based on the true fate of a family that was torn apart by the power of the sea.

Wayfaring Wanderer of the Worlds by Anna Mahendra, 2015, 12 min
Imagination or reality? Wayfaring Wanderer of the Worlds combines animation and spatial installation, speaking of the phenomena perceptible at the edges of the mind.

El Catador by Igor Shin Moromisato, 2015
The “headless gatherer” roams the streets of the city, searching for useful objects. An encounter with a capybara and a small daruma confronts him with his past and his memories.

Quimtai by Camilo Colmenares, 2015, 5 min
Abstract animation based on pre-Columbian patterns from the Quimbaya and Tairona cultures.

Mishka by Eszter Janka, 2016, 5 min
The story of an encounter, the fulfillment and disappointment of wishes and fantasies. Mishka and Fox: a white dot, a red line and the infinite darkness of the universe.

Summer Story by Yana Ugrekhelidze, 2017, 11 min
A girl, orphaned by war, tries to cope with the reality of death and the chaos around her. A story about a lost childhood, lost memories and growing up.

The animated films presented here premiered at important festivals such as International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival in Bristol, International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film, and Animafest in Zagreb and have won numerous prizes. “Ayny” by Ahmad Saleh, for example, was awarded the Student Academy Award in 2016 for best animation and “Summer Story” by Yana Ugrekhelidze was a semi-finalist at the Student Awards 2017.
The Academy of Media Arts Cologne’s demanding project-based “Media and Fine Art” course gives each student the chance to choose between and individually combine various artistic emphases. “Media and Fine Art” at the KHM can be studied over 9 semesters (undergraduate / diploma I) or 4 semesters (postgraduate / diploma II). In both formats, the focus is on the development of artistic projects, supported through interdisciplinary supervision by professors, academic staff and technicians.

Editor — Ute Dilger
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