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"Standard Canvas"

Group exhibitions with a new work by Daniel Burkhardt

12.09. - 12.10.2022 Mo - Fr 11am to 6pm
Lusvardi Art, Corso Buenos Aires 45

Participating Artists:

Niklas Binzberger | Benvenuta Bosetto | Daniel Burkhardt | Markus Draper | Ossian Fraser | Vincent Grunwald | Elana Katz | Yuni Kim | Kanta Kimura | Natalia Korotyaeva | Lilia Kovka | David Kroell | Pegasus Produkt | Linus Rauch | Alessandro Rauschmann | Marie Rief | Alexander Skorobogatov | Adam Słowik | Juliane Tübke | Luca Vanello | Tilman Wendland | Lisa Wilkens 

Lusvardi Art is pleased to present the group exhibition “Standard Canvas”. The exhibition title implies an object, a material used for art. The battlefield of painting since centuries: Painting is done on it.

How do contemporary artists react to a canvas (a standard canvas: sold by a large art supply store, produced in China, standard size 30x40 cm, mass-produced...) when they approach the object critically and use it as the starting material for a new work?

The exhibition gathers 22 artists who translate the question into different artistic concepts. 22 artistic positions that have created a completely independent and de-contextualized work from an identical material; a standard canvas. 

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