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  • Volker Morawe
Year: 2002
Categories: Computer / Internet, interface, computer game
„SoundSlam“ is a sensitive punching bag developed for punny DJs who want to buff up like David Morales. A DJ's life is hard and spoiling. Deejaying all night in overcrowded clubs and producing trax in the studio causes not only fame but also bad temper. DJs most frequently suffer from muscular atrophy and heart disease. „SoundSlam“ is a high end controller built from a punching bag provided with 12 sensors, which are sensitive to pressure, a global acceleration sensor and a soundprocessor unit. Slamming the punching bag at the right spots allows you to control audiofiles and create song structures through your own physical input. Regular use of the SoundSlam lets your muscles grow like grass after a refreshing summer rain. All the girls will not only be delighted by your sophisticated sound but will also love your strengthened body. „SoundSlam 2.0“ is – as far as we know – the first video game that doesn't make use of video at all! Using audio as the only feedback channel gives the player the freedom to fully concentrate on the heavy bag and on his punching.
  • Volker Morawe
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