Vera Drebusch
English title: Preservation
Year: 2012
Categories: Installation, installation
Iranian plum, Iraqi blackberry jam, Saudi Arabian elder- berry-juice Summer Harvest 2012 from the former embassy grounds in Bonn ‚Vera Drebusch’s jam and juices made of fruits having grown on grounds of embassies of far away countries in Bonn, aim in a similar physical way (and therefore inevitable) at abstract historically political agreements. In this case at the agreement on political territories. The soil in which the plants grow belongs, according to international law, to the exotic countries of Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia (all rich of conflicts), even though the good civic, democratically administered soil of the city of Bonn is only some meters away. Theabstract division of territory, based on contracts, is always underlied by the texture of the soil, being ultimately a physical feature of the people living of it.‘ Pressrelease Gallery Nagel Draxler
Jens Pussel
Prof. Julia Scher, Prof. Ute Hörner
Vera Drebusch
A production of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne.
Archiv Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln
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Kunststudentinnen und Kunststudenten stellen aus, Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, 2015 (01.01.2015)
Preservation (installation, 2012)
by Vera Drebusch
Route (photographic installation, 2015)
by Vera Drebusch
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